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The American Colonists ended up turning to Hobbe’s work to justify the passage of the U. Soon after America won the war from great Britain, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. Fisk, Allison “The American Revolution.” The Enlightenment Roots of The French and The American Revolution.

The Declaration of Independence stated that America had won the revolution from great Britain, and that they had gained their independence. This just shows that the Enlightenment ideals had a huge impact on America.

He wrote the book The Spirit of the Laws, which greatly covers the importance of separation of power in balancing the control of the government.

This separation of powers was exemplified in England’s three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial.

The American Revolution was a movement to fulfill aspirations to acquire more property” (Morris, 3). Retrieved from https:// /the-enlightenment-on-the-american-revolution-politics-essay.php?

Montesquieu believed that everything was made up of laws or rules that never changed. “Individuals in a state of nature, that is, a state without a civil government,” he said. The way out of this desperate state is to establish social contract, and have the state in peace and order (Oregon State). He devoted a lot of his time into writing about philosophy and political thought. The founding fathers of the American Revolution drew heavily on his ideals. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote about American’s natural rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” These ideas came from the Enlightenment, the ideals led towards the American Revolution soon after (Fisk). The Enlightenment Influence on the American Revolution. Available from: https:// /the-enlightenment-on-the-american-revolution-politics-essay.php? “The American Revolution must be considered as an anticolonial war for independence, not only a war of liberation from overseas rule but a war for freedom. The Enlightenment Influence on the American Revolution. John Locke argued “The power of any king or government is derived from people who contract to obey their rules in exchange for law and security. Individuals have a natural right to hold property and this can never be taken from them without their own consent. The Spirit of the Laws was translated into English, therefore, the American Colonists could read and incorporate it’s Enlightenment ideals, such as a balance of power that provided greater liberty to individuals. American Colonists wanted freedom and believed that England should not be able to control them overseas (Fisk).


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