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However, digital media has been threatening of book culture heralding the emergence of serious English literature.The purpose of this research is to find the impact of digital media on reflecting modern English literature.

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If you haven’t decided the topic yet, we suggest some fascinating titles in this subject.

For an individual, it is always easy to discuss other people’s ideas rather than their own.

In choosing a topic of research for a children’s literature dissertation it is important for the researcher to pick out a specific age group so that not only generalizations can be avoided but it will also help the researcher in highlighting the academic competencies of various age groups of children.

The themes present within the children’s literature are concurrent and have been repeated throughout the history.

Interdisciplinary research dissertation allows the researcher to analyse literature in its form of correlation between various other disciplines such as philosophy, politics, religion and the society.

In order to sufficiently conduct interdisciplinary research, the researcher needs to go beyond contextualizing literature with another discipline and also examine the various benefits and downside to studying other disciplines within the realm of literature.The following are a few ideas that can be used for your literature dissertation: Within this century the literature experienced an evolution whereby the poetic themes were as communicative as literature in novels.With the occurrence of the world war one and two, the society was in the midst of modernization and wanted to break away from the restrictions that had been imposed during the Victorian era.However, after 1949 it has been changed dramatically as women started to appear at China’s front.The main purpose of this study is to analyse the modern representation of power, ideology and women in dynasty China Within the seventeenth and eighteenth century the writers based most of their writing around the social and political changes that they were experiencing.A dissertation within this theme not only offers efficiency for future research but also provides an adaptable and an accessible topic for research as incorporated in the list of ideas and suggestions below: Written literature for children encompasses the use of imagination, narration humour as well sensitivity to the traditions.Therefore, the writers for children’s literature apply complex themes coupled with imagery which may be interpreted by children and adults both on different levels of understanding.The following are a few ideas that may be used for your dissertation: Industrialization and urban landscaping gained momentum within the nineteenth century, and writers used this opportunity to dwell on the loss they experienced in the ways of traditional lifestyle.There was seen a change within the society in terms of ideals, morality and religion which has the greatest positive and negative impact on the rural economies globally.Throughout the nineteen fifties, the literature evolved to look into human connection and aimed at understanding the behavioural and emotional responses of the humans.The following are a list of topics that can be used for your literature dissertation and include diary writing and psychoanalysis.


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