English Is Global Language Essay

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This gave me the motivation that I would never give up on developing my lingual skills.

I made a choice to develop an interest in the English subject.

In spite of the idea that I knew little English this time, I have managed to gain massive knowledge regarding English.

This is because I made a resolution to develop my interest in English.

This new phenomena can be seen in a positive light because the use of English as a common language brings efficiency and greater understanding.

English Is Global Language Essay Art History Thesis Papers

Growth and development are not tolerant of differences and English becomes a means for international expansion.The differential opportunity that people have towards learning English enables them to react differently to English in academic settings.My initial encounter with English happened when I was a child.People focus on learning English over learning other languages and also in many cases need to use their individual languages to a lesser degree.In fact more Asians speak English than anyone else. Language is deeply entrenched in individual culture and thus the growing popularity of English and decreasing need for local language directly impacts on traditions.During this period, I acknowledged very little regarding written English.As I joined college, I noted that several students had problems with English (Crystal, 2003).People’s ability to survive is strongly linked to their ability to communicate in English.Consequently native languages become redundant and even endangered.They aided me in developing my comprehension and pronunciation skills (Crystal, 2003).I realized that reading several materials in English paid off at the end because my interest and level of English knowledge had increased drastically.


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