Emerson Thoreau Comparison Essay

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He focused on simple ways of living and self-sufficiency.

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Emerson is sometimes considered the “father” of transcendentalism, and Thoreau was a student of his.

Emerson was a prolific essayist, with his most famous essay titled “Self-Reliance.” In this essay Emerson concludes that individualism is an important goal to strive for, and that conformity with institutions such as government, religious institutions, and and other organized groups should be discouraged.

By his transcendentalist perception, Emerson also implies everything that human is need of is in nature, so people must look at and live the nature, they must be purified from dirtiness of the society and industry. Therefore, man has to follow the nature, has to take nature’s purity, its moral values. Man uses nature to find his spirit, truth, morality and values. If man can reach this purity, he can find his soul.

With the help of nature, man can get rid of earthly devilry. Man came from the nature and will go to the nature again. If man gets rid of the society’s destroyed values and environment and keep the nature pure, nature will serve humanity in its best way.

Thoreau believes this end can be obtained by minimizing consumerism, and focusing on your connection to yourself and nature rather than trying to outwardly improve your environment.

Thoreau is sometimes considered an anarchist, early environmentalist, and was an active abolitionist.

‘Nature’ and ‘Walden’ are two art works basically giving the similar messages to the readers.

Their writers are different but one of the things which make these works similar is Henry David Thoreau is affected by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s works and ideas very much.

Briefly, Emerson writes how the nature serves to man, how man use the nature to live in morality and purity.

‘Walden’ is written by Henry David Thoreau and published in 1854.


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