Education Research Proposal Topics

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If you skip this step, you might end up putting yourself under a lot of pressure to meet the due date of the research essay, topics, research paper submissions.

Then again, if you enjoy conducting experiments and your chosen research topic allows you, maybe you could have a survey conducted with the help of your peers and write a paper after analyzing the data.

Early childhood education and settings; early literacy and phonics; programme evaluations and implementation fidelity; relationships between research and practice; teacher education, continuing professional development, and teacher retention; relationship between early health and educational outcomes.

Second language processing; second language grammar learning; learning of new vocabulary and methods for vocabulary instruction; learning needs of university students with English as a foreign language; developing listening in a second language (speech segmentation); bilingual cognition; definiteness and reference resolution.

Epistemological, religious and political assumptions used in learning.

Relations of power, critical pedagogy, themes of emancipation, the development of learning programmes and the micro-politics of learning communities; the public intellectual and the evolution of higher education.

Temporal and spatial reference across languages and learner varieties; conceptual restructuring in highly advanced second language learners; cross-linguistic influence in L2 acquisition; bilingual and multilingual code-switching.

Educational inequalities, especially access to higher education; sociology of education; higher education policy; postgraduate students; educational expansion; social stratification and social mobility.

Teacher-student interactions; measuring teacher effectiveness; student and teacher motivation and emotions; cross-cultural perspectives on education and psychology; motivation and emotions of students with special education needs.

Foreign and second language teaching and learning; Evaluation of foreign and second language practice and policy (particularly with comparative/experimental designs); Second language acquisition; Learning theories; Attention and memory in language learning.


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