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The two disorders are interrelated in that the substance abuse inhibits the individual from obtaining adequate treatment for the mental disorder while the mental disorder contributes to the substance abuse.

The two disorders are interrelated in that the substance abuse inhibits the individual from obtaining adequate treatment for the mental disorder while the mental disorder contributes to the substance abuse.

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The specific goal of the program is to establish a group home that can support 15 residents, with the 18 months as the anticipated average duration of their stay under supervised care.

The program also involves the use of various types of support services for the residents developed in conjunction with local mental health and substance abuse programs.

In addition, approximately 50% of the individuals with a dual diagnosis have contact with the criminal justice system at some point in their life (Calsyn et al, 2005).

The traditional approach to the treatment of a dual diagnosis patient has been to treat the disorders as separate, with the substance abuse treatment not linked to the treatment of the mental disorder.

Service responses need to take into account the different and more complex impacts of dual diagnosis.

Fraudulent Student from from Deerfield Beach, Florida Class: SOW4343He ordered a sample research paper on April 2006 (attached below).Mental health and alcohol and other drug services should have the capacity to respond to the needs of people with dual diagnosis.This means addressing an individual’s needs, according to the presenting illness, using a risk framework and understanding consumer and carer/family preferences.People with a mental illness may use alcohol and other drugs episodically or continuously.People also can use substances to reduce symptoms of their illness or the unwanted effects of their medication.The program is intended to remedy the community problem of individuals with a dual diagnosis that are addicted to alcohol or narcotics and have difficulty managing their mental illness as a result of the addiction.The community will benefit from the program by reducing the number of individuals that are marginalized as a result of addiction coupled with mental illness, allowing them to return to a productive status.Many people with drug and alcohol problems have higher rates of mental illness than the general community, most commonly depression and anxiety.Alcohol and drug use is also common among people experiencing psychosis and other serious mental illness.Population health research shows high rates (up to 50 per cent) of alcohol and drug use among people with severe mental health problems.Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent disorders co-occurring with drug and alcohol misuse, although rates of drug use among people with psychosis are also high.


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