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A poet like Donne, or like Baudelaire or Laforgue, may almost be considered the inventor of an attitude, a system of feeling or of morals.Donne is difficult to analyse: what appears at one time a curious personal point of view may at another time appear rather the precise concentration of a kind of feeling diffused in the air about him.

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When this process has been carried to the end and summed up, the poem turns suddenly with that surprise which has been one of the most important means of poetic effect since Homer: The verse of Marvell has not the grand reverberation of Catullus's Latin; but the image of Marvell is certainly more comprehensive and penetrates greater depths than Horace's.

A modern poet, had he reached the height, would very likely have closed on this moral reflection.

Not to determine rank, but to isolate this quality, is the critical labour.

The fact that of all Marvell's verse, which is itself not a great quantity, the really valuable part consists of a very few poems indicates that the unknown quality of which we speak is probably a literary rather than a personal quality; or, more truly, that it is a quality of a civilization, of a traditional habit of life.

251-263 It is my understanding that this work is in the public domain in the U. but perhaps not in other countries (particularly in the U. That is an act of piety, which is very different from the resurrection of a deceased reputation.

Other useful anchors are: #top, #introduction, #anchors, #text The tercentenary of the former member for Hull deserves not only the celebration proposed by that favoured borough, but a little serious reflection upon his writing.

But the three strophes of Marvell's poem have something like a syllogistic relation to each other.

After a close approach to the mood of Donne, It will hardly be denied that this poem contains wit; but it may not be evident that this wit forms the crescendo and diminuendo of a scale of great imaginative power.

The wit is not only combined with, but fused into, the imagination.

We can easily recognize a witty fancy in the successive images ('my love', 'till the conversion of the Jews'), but this fancy is not indulged, as it sometimes is by Cowley or Cleveland, for its own sake. In this it is superior to the fancy of or the lighter and less successful poems of Keats.


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