Doe Season Essays

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Articles can be created on historic houses that a notable person has lived in or that are notable for another reason.

Apartment complexes, housing developments and trailer parks, even though there may be websites about each one and even though they are often displayed on maps, are not notable on this basis.

Something or someone that is "run-of-the-mill" is probably not notable.

The phrase "run of the mill" appears to have originated from early factory quality control and described work that had not been graded and was therefore unlikely to be either exceptionally good or exceptionally bad.

Some essays represent widespread norms; others only represent minority viewpoints.

Doe Season Essays

This page in a nutshell: There are some items that are very commonplace for which sources verifying their existence do exist.

There are many subjects for which reliable sources independent of the subject exist.

One may assume on this basis that they are notable.

Every city has several detailed street maps that have been published.

In one square mile of an urban area, there are likely to be dozens of streets and there can be hundreds of square miles within a city and its suburbs.


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