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The summary describes the research problem, research goals and methods, and presents a summary of the key findings.The summary contains a description of the independent contribution of the author in each of the essays.An article-based doctoral dissertation consists of a set of publications on a related set of problems, and a summary of the findings.

Schools take the decision on the acceptable formats of dissertations in the school and give further guidelines on the requirements for doctoral dissertations as needed.

In the field of art and design, a doctoral dissertation may also include other products than written products.

A monographis a coherent writing based on the work of the doctoral candidate and written by the candidate.

The monograph may contain references to previous works by the doctoral candidate on the same topic.

The summary must contain an account of the subject studied, the most important research results obtained by the author, discussion of results, and a list of the aforementioned separate publications, and it must supplement these publications to fulfil the requirements above.

The separate publications are generally so-called co-authored publications, from which it is not necessarily clear, which is each author's contribution to the publication.

The goal is for the doctoral candidates to complete their degree in four years of full-time study, during which they complete the required doctoral studies and write a doctoral dissertation to be examined in a public examination of a doctoral dissertation.

For this goal to be feasible, the workload of the degree shall be proportionate to the objective duration of studies.

This shall be taken into account in the course of the supervision of the doctoral candidate.

The doctoral degree, including a doctoral dissertation, should be completed in four years of full-time study. During this time the student completes the required studies and write a doctoral dissertation, which is examined publicly.


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