Dissertation On Psychological Contracts

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Human Resource Management has witnessed a phenomenal growth and today, it is playing a key role in enhancing organisational competitiveness.It is playing multiple roles for complete growth and development of organization.

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was conducted for analyzing the interrelatedness of psychological contract dimensions with Organizational citizenship behavior.

Study indicates that psychological contract is related to organizational citizenship behavior of the employee.

The review finds that the most recent research on psychological contract theory has become diverse, multidisciplinary and highly relevant with practical implications for organisational managers.

The psychological contract is a set of mental expectations created by the individual, which is an unspoken agreement that reveals what the organizations and the workers expect from each other and whether these expectations are met.

International Journal of Health Management and Tourism. International Journal of Health Management and Tourism.

The purpose of the article is to analyze the linkage of psychological contracts and with organizational citizenship behavior.

The research provides valuable insights for managers to understand the employee’s psychology towards various dimension of psychological contract and how much these factors affect in strengthening the organizational citizenship behaviour of employees.

Psychological Contract, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Organizational Relationship.

The development of psychological contract has become important function of human resource management in any organization because it may help the employees and employers get rid of a complicated employment relationship (Sonnenberg et al., 2011).

It does not help employer only in evaluating employees, but it contributes a lot in developing organization.


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