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In both practice and study, we ignore the visual thing before us, and instead look through typography at its linguistic, social, and symbolic functions.

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When parents objected to having their children taken, their children were often forcibly removed.Media philosopher Vilém Flusser argues that when we lack immediate access to an object, knowing that object requires we learn to read media.Building on his work, this project assumes an epistemological necessity to study the media we use to record, store, and communicate ideas.French anthropologist and filmmaker Jean Rouch made over 100 films throughout his long career, the bulk of which were recorded in West Africa.Founder of the cinéma-vérité movement and pioneer of techniques like 'shared anthropology' and 'ethno-fiction,' Rouch used the medium of film to stimulate new ways of thinking about anthropological knowledge, cross-cultural encounters, and the apparent fixity of social roles in the (post)colonial world order.It identifies a series of features that come to the fore when one studies typography as shape, and it sketches out a diagrammatic analysis of eighteen characterforms.The new typographical system proposed here highlights typography's technologies and its non-linear, quantized structure; and through the diagram it promotes typography as a functional visualization in which function no longer obscures visuality.By framing reconciliation as a way of seeing, I focus on the ways in which reconciliation is mediated through visual culture.This is a shape-based study of typography as a medium.In contrast, I maintain that it is shape that most notably set the typographical medium apart from handwriting, and also that that which is essential to typography is its visuality, not the linguistic function to which it is often put.The motivation for this project is epistemological.


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