Disadvantages Of Capital Punishment Essay

When eventually arrested on charges of insurance fraud, police linked him to the murder of his business associate, and in the course of their investigation they discovered the Murder Castle.There they found bones of many victims mixed together, a dissection table covered with blood, and burnt body parts.

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Disadvantages Of Capital Punishment Essay Ed Chinese A2 Research Based Essay

But the story is different today: maximum security prisons are readily available for detaining the most violent criminals.Mudgett confessed to 27 murders, writing a detailed account of those activities, but the actual number may have reached over 100. When reading accounts of serial killers like Mudgett, we often have a sense of satisfaction that he was caught and executed.Some people are so irredeemable and their actions so horrendous that we feel that justice demands that they die.Punishments can be imposed by anyone in a position of authorityparents, teachers, bosses, friendsit is criminal punishment that is of issue here, namely, the punishment imposed by governments for legal infractions.When imposing punishments, governments have a range of options that differ in severity.A prominent case was that of London clergyman William Dodd who was executed in 1777 for check fraud, despite the protests of his influential friends in government.A consequence of the quantity of Britains capital offenses was that only one-tenth of such cases resulted in executions, since sympathetic judges would either pardon the accused or intentionally undervalue the cost of stolen property to bring it below the level at which the death penalty would legally apply.Nomadic tribes, for example, would lack permanent facilities to lock up murderers and thieves, and setting offenders free would only give them a chance to do more damage.Small jungle villages might lack the financial resources to build detention centers and post guards to keep them from escaping.A reform act in 1832 reduced the number of capital offenses in Britain by two-thirds, and by the mid twentieth-century that country abolished it, as did Italy, Germany, Spain and France around the same time.The retributive theory of punishment is most often associated with the notion of eye for and eye justice, where the imposed punishment is equal to the harm done.


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