Direct Response Marketing Case Studies

Each individual was verified by telephone in advance of the campaign.

The challenge was that these people did not have a relationship with Data Ireland, are heavily targeted by lots of other companies and are extremely busy.

This was a highly targeted direct mail campaign to the insurance industry, designed to promote both Data Ireland in general and a specific new product recently added to Data Ireland's offering.

The product was a database of highly targeted consumer prospects with their much sought-after insurance renewal dates. Firstly, to provide a mechanism to engage with insurance companies on a range of products and services.

The companies targeted varied in size from large-scale multi-nationals to traditional family owned businesses.

Key decision makers and influencers were identified and profiled.The concept also needed to reflect other brand values such as quality, flexibility and expertise.To achieve this, the agency developed the 'Made to Measure' campaign.These meetings let to a number of initial sales giving a 125% return within two months.More importantly however, is that Data Ireland has successfully engaging with over a third of those targeted on more longer term, higher value data related projects.And, at the same time, highlighted other services that Data Ireland could provide to their organisation.The USB key was held in a personalised box and accompanied by a very personalised letter. A 31% meeting response was achieved, securing successive meetings to discuss products and services.The creative concept was built on the proposition that Neopost could now 'MATCH' these customers every need, not just for mailroom equipment such as franking machines, but now for more general office equipment too.The uniqueness of this campaign started in the planning stages, but followed in every single area of the campaign including: Agency: Direct Marketing Campaign Management This campaign drove the benefits of Neopost franking machines by identifying and qualifying highly profiled customers.Three new clients were acquired, all of which were leading brand name manufacturers.Campaign revenues contributed to an overall increase in annual revenues by 22%.


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