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Today, the convergence of data, technology, and creativity are opening new direct-response avenues that, while highly successful, are still largely untapped by many brands.After years of being the secondary or tertiary consideration, though, direct marketers need to proudly rise from the fringes and reclaim their mojo.Data has always been at the core of marketing, but combining it with both technology and creativity renders marketing efforts that brands can measure more effectively.

Google's introduction of Smart display campaigns earlier this year is a good example of this evolution: The program uses brand pieces to generate thousands of personalized ads in a matter of seconds.

With driving responses being akin to driving business results, one-to-one marketing is now a requirement.

But direct mail and direct marketing are not Direct marketing is about driving business results.

No matter the platform, any time brands communicate with a potential consumer — such as using an augmented reality platform targeted at Millennials to drive insurance purchases — they are actually using direct-response marketing.

He was selected to represent RAPP at DAS’ inaugural Client Leaders Academy in 2017.

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This helps brands achieve holistic ownership — owning the path to purchase the path to loyalty.

By using the following three strategies, brands can organize and execute direct-response tactics that better respond to today's dynamic marketplace: The most successful direct response efforts tie messaging to a "moment in time" — e.g., the triggers, life events, or inflection points that distinguish consumers' lives.

More than most marketing strategies, direct marketing remains largely stigmatized.

Mention it to most outside of the discipline, and truckloads of snail mail overfilling people's mailboxes come to mind.


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