Developing A Research Paper

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Use background research, found in reference books, to find a researchable topic. Be consistent in how you save citations and the format you use.If the topic is narrowed by a factor that can be broadened, such as time period, specific population, or geography, expand the limiting factor. Citing sources accurately and in the citation style of your paper (APA, MLA) will save you time by preparing you for the later stages of research paper writing: in-text citations and the bibliography.Take time to understand exactly what you are being asked to write and how you will be graded on it. Ask your teacher for clarification before you even pick a topic.

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It’s important to be engaged in the topic you’re writing about it, but you don’t have to love it.

Carefully read the writing assignment, prompts, grading rubric, or any other materials you’ve received.

It might even be helpful to highlight and take notes on the assignment.

Use the guidelines given by your instructor to help pick your paper topic.

If you have a topic that you love, but you’re having trouble fitting it into the guidelines, choose another topic.


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