Dessay Daughter

The marquise is quickly angered and storms out of the room.

The soldiers quickly change their mind and begin favoring Tonio, especially after he pledges his allegiance to France.

Sergeant Sulpice leads Tonio and his troops back to camp.

He is quickly followed by Marie, the adopted daughter of the regiment (they found her abandoned as a child).

He begins interrogating her about the young man he spotted her with, and she tells him that his name is Tonio, a Tyrolean.

The soldiers request Tonio be killed, but Marie pleads for his life.

She recounts a story of how Tonio saved her life once while she was climbing a mountain.In fact, he was upset that opera houses of Paris were being referred to as opera houses of Donizetti.) Regardless of its lamentable start, found favor with its Parisian audiences thanks to its comedic, yet dramatic, libretto and its beautifully written music that is both melodious and extremely difficult to sing.The opera, due to its patriotic content, was typically performed in France on Bastille Day.Several months have passed, and the Marquise has been trying her best to train and educate Marie, hoping to extinguish all of the qualities and habits she picked up from the soldiers.The Marquise has arranged for Marie to marry the Duke of Krakenthorp (the marquise's nephew), but Marie is far from keen on the idea.The marquise confesses that Marie is actually her own daughter, but does not want to announce it out of fear of being disgraced. Marie has mixed emotions; grateful she has been reunited with her mother, but sick to her stomach that she would have to marry a man she doesn't love.When the duke arrives with his wedding party, no one can get Marie to leave her room. Marie ultimately decides to honor her mother's wishes and agrees to marry the duke.Act 1While traveling to Austria, the Marquise of Birkenfeld and her butler, Hortensius, are suddenly stopped by a blockade caused by the French army.Both are frightened by the battle between the French and the Tyrols and wait with the local villagers.The Marquise expresses her irritation with the rudeness of the French people, but is happy to learn that the soldiers have finally started to retreat and they can continue on their journey.Before the Marquise and her butler can leave, Sergeant Sulpice of the 21st Regiment arrives, assuring the panicked villagers that he and his French troops will restore order to the surrounding areas.


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