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Near the end of his journey however, Elie ceases to bat an eye at the death occurring all around him (Wiesel 109). Not to feel anything, neither weariness, nor cold, nor anything.

In fact during the long march towards the final camp, he begins to wish it upon himself. The idea of dying, of no longer being, began to fascinate me. To break the ranks, to let oneself slide to the edge of the road. All of the suffering he had undergone took from Elie the drive that had kept him going for so long in the first place, his yearning to survive.

Wiesel writes “Death wrapped itself around me till I was stifled. Elie Wiesel became a completely numb person because of all of the dehumanizing experiences he endured during the Holocaust.

He strayed away from God, his father, and ultimately, himself.

The thought of his own father doesn’t even cross Elie’s mind until a full hour after the announcement (Wiesel 77).

When his father is on his death bed, the head of Elie’s block explains to him that it is impossible to maintain any relationships in a concentration camp.Gradually, Elie stops thinking of the Lord as his Rock, questioning how He could allow such injustice to occur to His “Chosen People” (Wiesel 74).Eventually, Elie decides that he is actually stronger than God because he is incapable of making his problems simply go away (Wiesel 75).Dehumanization is an awful process, and no one should ever feel entitled to treat another person as less than human.Gender relations often become the basis for advertising companies in the role of powerful mean of shaping public consciousness.magazine represents the main fashion trends and provides the target audience with the beauty experts advice.However, their covers tend to represent the image of women in terms of objectification and dehumanization conveying certain stereotypes through the appearance of the model.This clearly caused numbness for Elie because he speaks of a “great void” in the depths of his heart (Wiesel 76).Elie’s faith had been a huge part of his personality.By the end, years of concentration camp life have broken his spirit and Elie is no longer fazed by the death and torture occurring all around him (Wiesel 103).This numbness manifests itself in varying ways throughout Night, each more disheartening than the last. He then becomes selfish, disregarding others completely at times.


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