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The Diwali celebration in India takes place when the monsoon season ends and the weather is mild and pleasant.People try to pay off their old debts, make or buy new clothes and thoroughly clean their houses as part of the festival preparations.During Diwali, lights illuminate every corner of India, and the scent of incense sticks hangs in the air, mingled with the sounds of firecrackers, joy, togetherness, and hope. Outside of India, it is more than a Hindu festival; it's a celebration of South-Asian identities.

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It is an opportunity to cultivate and enjoy eternal bliss.

In each legend, myth, and story of Deepawali lies the significance of the victory of good over evil.

The best and finest illuminations can be seen in Bombay and Amritsar.

The famous Golden Temple at Amritsar is lit in the evening with thousands of lamps. The lights of Diwali also signify a time of inner illumination.

The Diwali festival occurs in late October or early November.

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It falls on the 15th day of the Hindu month of Kartik, so it varies every year.Some believe it to be the celebration of the marriage of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, with Lord Vishnu.Others use it as a celebration of her birthday, as Lakshmi is said to have been born on the new-moon day of Kartik.The sages who instituted this Deepawali custom may have hoped that their descendants would realize its benefits and make it a regular habit in their lives.Those with keen inner spiritual ears will clearly hear the voice of the sages, "O children of God unite, and love all." The vibrations produced by the greetings of love, which fill the atmosphere, are powerful.It is with each Deepawali and the lights that illuminate our homes and hearts that this simple truth finds new reason and hope.From darkness unto light—the light empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds and brings us closer to divinity.Homes are illuminated with lights, and firecrackers fill the skies as an expression of respect to the heavens for the attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, and prosperity.According to one belief, the sound of firecrackers indicates the joy of the people living on earth, making the gods aware of their plentiful state.Each of the four days in the festival of Diwali is marked with a different tradition.What remains constant is the celebration of life, its enjoyment, and a sense of goodness.


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