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- Oracular Art, Ritual, and Healing the Fragmented Community Soul Brett Watts, Ph. - Our Lady of the Queers: The Black Madonna, the American Cultural Complex Around Homophobia, and the Evolution of Consciousness and Culture. - The Broadening of Leadership Development Science through Complexity Science and Action Research Cyndi Crisel, Ph. - Imaginal Artists of Rural Arkansas Through the Lens of A/r/tography Gabriel Fernández Borsot, Ph. - A Theoretical Analysis of Integral Theory and the Participatory Paradigm through the Lens of Otherness María Regina Firmino-Castillo, Ph. - The Destruction and Regeneration of Worlds through Performance Shelly Gupta, Ph. - Inclusion in Recreational Programs: A Case Study of Youth with Intellectual Disabilities Participating in Kids Included Together (KIT) Affiliated Programs Lesley Jackson, Ph. - The Implications of Self-creation and Self-care in Higher Education: A Transdisciplinary Inquiry Jane Jepson, Ph. - Toward the Development of a Transformative Pedagogy Via a Narrative Inquiry of Enviromnent Justice Activists and Feminist Environmentalists: Finding Meaning, Locating Praxis, and Connecting to Place Barbara Karlsen, Ph. - Embodiment is Nature: Towards a Fuller Ontology of Human Becoming Johanna Keefe, Ph. - Mothers' Stories of Their Lived Experience on a Real Food Diet for the Health of Their Children: A Feminist Narrative Inquiry of the Restorative Food and Farming Movement Deborah A. Grenier PDF Examining Two Self-Assessment Measures of Teacher Multicultural Competence and Their Predictive Value to Student Behavior Outcomes, Melissa Jo Hamilton Grisdale PDF Characterization, Source Apportionment and Health Analysis of Air Pollutants in India, Hao Guo PDF Between Regulation And Repression, Tradition And Innovation: How The Royal College Of Physicians Of London Negotiated Its Place In The Early Modern Medical Field, Erin Michelle Halloran PDF From Rationality To Relationality: Teacher-Student Relationship As Unknowing, Shaofei Han PDF Vulnerability of Industrial Facilities in the Lower Mississippi River Industrial Corridor to Relative Sea Level Rise and Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge, Joseph Blake Harris PDF DIY in Early Live Electroacoustic Music: John Cage, Gordon Mumma, David Tudor, and the Migration of Live Electronics from the Studio to Performance, Lindsey Elizabeth Hartman PDF Forget Me Not: Are Stronger Memories More Susceptible to Retrieval-Induced Forgetting?

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Buddhist Jazz Artists and Global Citizenship Terry B.

- Ecstatic Dance: An Arts Based Study Casuarina Tham, Ph. - An Empirical Investigation of Adult Imagination in Relation to Remembered Childhood Fantasy Play Suzy Adra, Ph. - The States of Presence and Insight in the Painting Process Sandy Y.

Caire PDF Performance Study of Link Slab Continuity in Prestressed Concrete Bridges, Marco Tulio Canales Jr PDF Atomic Force Microscopy Tip-enhanced Laser Ablation, Fan Cao PDF Beyond the Transcript: A Narrative Analysis of Students' Experiences with Academic Dismissal in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program, Angela Edwards Capello PDF An Examination of the Effects of Post-Identification Feedback on Jurors, Daniella Cash PDF Dehn Functions of Bestvina-Brady Groups, Yu-Chan Chang PDF A Comprehensive Techno-Economic Framework for Shale Gas Exploitation and Distribution in the United States, Jorge Asis Charbel Chebeir PDF Near Infrared GUMBOS and Nano GUMBOS for Biomedical Applications, Mi Chen PDF Chronic Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Disrupt Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Promote Premature Endothelial Senescence, Yi-Fan Chen PDF Distributed Wireless Algorithms for RFID Systems: Grouping Proofs and Cardinality Estimation, Vanya D.

Cherneva PDF Effect of Environmental Factors and Residual Sanitizers on Survival and Attachment of Indicator Organism and Human Pathogens on Fresh Produce, Vijay Singh Chhetri PDF Sensory Analysis for Determining the Influence of Visual Stimuli upon Eating Experiences, Pitchayapat Chonpracha PDF Examining the Mechanisms of Religious Ecology on Population Health and Material Well-Being, Joseph Andrew Clark PDF Empathic Responsivity and Callous-Unemotional Traits Across Development, Julia Elizabeth Clark PDF Strategically Engaging the Third Mission: A Comparative International Case Study of Alternative Revenue Strategies Between the U. Faldyn PDF High Enthalpy Storage Thermoset Network with Giant Stress and Energy Output in Rubbery State and Associated Applications, Jizhou Fan PDF Carceral Dreams: Punishment in Contemporary Utopian Fiction, Amandine Faucheux PDF Process Dimensions of Intervention Implementation: Evaluating the Quality of Professional Development Delivered to Teachers, Sarah Petters Fletcher PDF Development of Sheath Blight-Resistant Breeding Lines for Southern U. Environments and Morphological and Genetic Survey of Giant Salvinia Populations in Louisiana and Texas, Dominique Clark Galam PDF A Multi-Phase Approach to Researching Textbook Insecurity in Higher Education, Teri Oaks Gallaway PDF Three Essays on Irrigation Water Management in Louisiana Crop Production, Tej Kumar Gautam PDF Iron Mediated Organic Preservation in a River Influenced Continental Margin, NEHA AJIT GHAISAS PDF Fate of Selected Pollutants of Concern on Particulate Matter (PM) Surface, Ajit Ghimire PDF A Case-study Approach to Investigate Transmission, Co-infection, and Clinical Sequelae During Epidemics of Dengue and Ebola Virus Disease, Jennifer Elizabeth Giovanni PDF Beyond an Accommodation: A Mixed Methods Study of Diversity Engagement in Academic Curriculum, Micah Ja Ryl Glenn PDF The Influence of Selected Factors on the Perceived Work Readiness of Undergraduate Program Completers at a Research University, Karen Lynne Goodridge PDF High-Performance Computing Frameworks for Large-Scale Genome Assembly, Sayan Goswami PDF Motivic Voice-Leading in Selected Piano Cycles of Johannes Brahms, Jacob Joel Gran PDF The Modern Mississippi: Provenance Indicators and Human Impact, Brittney Anne Gregory PDF Reflection Positivity: A Quantum Field Theory Connection, Joseph W.

He also has a strong record of postgraduate supervision, overseeing the completion of several Ph Ds focusing on labour and co-operative history topics.

Postgraduate Supervision Completions David’s current research focuses on the relationship between the Co-op and the Labour Party.

- The Juxtaposition of Gentle Action Theory and Traditional Ways of Knowing and Being in the Provision of Services to Native American Women Experiencing Incarceration William Oren Cox, Ph. - Exploration of the Experiences of Individuals Diagnosed with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Gabrielle Donelly Torbert, Ph. - Navigating spindrifts of change: A transdiciplinary inquiry into the experiences of a scholar-praticioner Lynee M.

- The Royal Thai Scholars Program: A Case Study Harlan Gilber, Ph. - Expanding Identity: The Significance of Oikeiosis for Contemporary Ethics Jeffrey L.

Brandao Delgado PDF Modeling Chemical Reactivity in Aqueous and Organic Systems: From Electronic Structure Methods to Force Field Development, Caitlin Gibson Bresnahan PDF Phylogeny and Evolution of Swallows (Hirundinidae) With a Transcriptomic Perspective on Seasonal Migration, Clare Elisabeth Brown PDF Hourly Precipitation Climatology of the Southeast United States, Vincent Brown PDF Composition and Ecology of Avian Communities Along Elevational Gradients in Borneo, Ryan Christian Burner PDF An Examination of the Technical Adequacy, Classification Accuracy, and Usability of the SSIS SEL Screening/Process Monitoring Scales in Elementary School Populations, Shelby Mc Coy Byrd .

PDF Evaluating the Impact of Intrusive Advising on Undergraduate Student Retention, Rebecca E.


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