Cuban Missile Crisis Essay Conclusion

Cuba and the USA The relationship between the USA and Cuba was strained from the outset when Castro moved to nationalise land.Bay of Pigs Invasion The USA took action against Cuba in 1960 when they armed Cuban exiles and sent them to invade Cuba and try and seize power from Fidel Castro.

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These communications are interpreted and provided some sign about how Soviet vessels calling on Cuban ports were making phony slot declarations and declaring less than the known cargo-carrying capacity (Holding heavy military services weapons), but no real awareness is given due to insufficient evident.

"Satellite photographic reconnaissance was not directed against Cuba in 1962.

It had been the result of a number of things: the Cuban Revolution, the failing of the Bay of Pigs invasion, US anti-communism, the insecurity of the Soviet Union, and Cuba's concern with invasion.

Right away of the problems, American intelligence supervised the island's development and could collect and examine information, but it miscalculated the Soviet Union's intentions and motivation for positioning nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Relations between the USA and Cuba had deteriorated after the Cuban Revolution and continued to do so until the crisis was over. This all changed when Fidel Castro took over the leadership of Cuba.

The Cuban Missile Crisis marked the turning point in the Cold War relationship between the USA and USSR.

THE EVENT - Cuban Missile Crisis In October 1962 the USA and USSR were on the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. After the crisis had been averted the missiles removed from Cuba under the supervision of the United Nations.

Impact on Leadership The Cuban Missile Crisis had an impact on both the leadership of the USA and USSR and their relationship with allies.

The US military intelligence agencies with some support from Traditional western allies monitored the Soviet arms shipping to Cuba.

In July 1962, Sl Gl NT collectors listened to the air emails to and from the Soviet vessels on their way to Cuba.


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