Critical Thinking Course Outline

Make sure the identities of all parties related to the topic are represented.Then ask students to perform an activity from the perspective of their assigned identity.For instance, a writer or speaker may simply list several reasons why a claim is true: You should consider buying a Funkster guitar.

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Critical Thinking Course Outline

If wished, compare students responses to a key provided by the instructor.Evidence consists of facts, statistics, examples, expert opinions, and previously established claims (including premises already accepted by the audience).Warrants provide reasoning that justifies the movement from evidence to claims.Give feedback on the kinds of questions and their phrasing before students begin their research.After students have been seeking information for a week or more, ask them to submit a revised list of questions based on what their research has uncovered thus far.Activities and Assignments Facts & Inferences Briefly explain the difference between facts and inferences drawn from facts.(Facts can be directly observed or verified, usually by multiple observers; inferences are interpretations of facts or conclusions drawn from facts.) Then have students read a brief article relevant to the course.The listener should raise her or his hand every time the teller states an inference.For written stories, the reader should underline every inference. Select an event relevant to the coursee.g., a scene in a novel, play or film; a historical event; a legal case; an interaction between a health care provider and a patient, a teacher and students, or a sales rep and a customer.Activities and Assignments Please note: (L) Can be done in large section courses Five Good Questions After students read material or hear a presentation about a course topic, ask each student to write five questions to clarify specific ideas in the material or presentation.Have students share their lists with partners or with the class.


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