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Many times men and women would perform a equal task, but the women would be oppressed just because of their gender The women were not seen in the same respect in any aspect that men were.The portrayal of women greatly influenced the way John Steinbeck wrote this story....Throughout the story, Henry is on the outside, never really understanding Elisa and how she feels....

The American people were questioning all the maxims on which they had based their lives - democracy, capitalism, individualism....

[tags: The Chrysanthemums] - Many readers who analyze Steinbeck's short story, "The Chrysanthemums", feel Elisa's flowers represent her repressed sexuality, and her anger and resentment towards men.

Steinbeck makes it clear that Elisa yearns for something more in her life then the everyday routines of farm life.

While Elisa is portrayed as strong, in the end, her strength serves to be insufficient in having the courage to effect any real change in her life since her fragile self-esteem proves to be too susceptible to outside forces....

[tags: The Chrysanthemums Essays] - “Why-why Elisa….

You look strong enough to break a calf over your knee, happy enough to eat it like a watermelon.” (Steinbeck 232) Most people reading this would just pass it off as a tactless man’s attempt to compliment, but is that all it is.

- In the short story “The Chrysanthemums” John Steinbeck uses symbolism to reflect the characteristics of his main character Elisa Allen.

Elisa, a married woman uncovers her deeply smothered femininity in an inconspicuous sense.

I mean he reads it casually and after it is finished feels that something profound has happened to him although he does not know what nor how." I knew after reading this, that Steinbeck is truly a marvel....

[tags: Chrysanthemums Essays] - When John Steinbeck mocks feminism he is trying to show how woman in the story are dominated by a male or by a male society in general.


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