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If you prefer to type please feel free to bring a laptop or i Pad.There will be class activities but everyone's writing material will be kept as private as participants wish.1.00pm Welcome & introduction2.30pm Break (times vary)4.00pm Class finishes Dr Sian Prior is a writer, broadcaster and teacher of creative writing.

Also, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed most of the courses that I’ve done and I’m not suggesting in the least that we stop teaching writing at universities, TAFEs or writers’ centres.

But there are, I think, a number of reasons why writers’ groups can have the edge.

Firstly, at its heart, I don’t believe that writing can be taught.

Writers can be encouraged, yes, supported, motivated and rallied, but at the end of the day, despite pouring over the technicalities of ‘voice’ and ‘character’ and ‘plot’, I never felt that I really connected with any of it during class.

Make creative writing the focus of your degree and you’ll explore styles, methods and techniques and get a greater understanding of genre and writing for a range of audiences.

Make the most of a supportive and encouraging environment to hone your craft.

Also, given that creative writing subjects have extra trimmings (lectures, reading lists, structured tutes etc.), why was it exactly that I’d never found them as helpful as a writers’ group?

First off, a few disclaimers – I realise of course that it’s probably a lot to do with the luck of the draw and that everyone will have their own preference (Justine Larbalestier, for example, is not a fan).

And when you graduate you’ll have a portfolio of polished and marketable writing.

, on the topic of workshopping and learning how to write.


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