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In these instances, you will have to simply rely on the essay question. Chances are, any paragraph over 7 sentences isn’t being fully read.When you have your marking criteria or essay question by your side, read each paragraph then look back to your marking criteria. The teacher might have only read the first three sentences and made their judgement about your work based on those three sentences!This procedure is somewhat more complicated than Google Translate, but if you want to give it a go, you can get instructions from the Microsoft help website and go from there Hearing your paper read out loud back to you can help you to identify which paragraphs or sentences are worth removing.

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You will also make your essay much clearer and easy to read.

Removing the worst paragraphs of an essay also ensures there are less boring, pointless or unanalytical sections of an essay.

It means that the paragraphs I submit are the best sections – and that the teacher will be impressed throughout the piece.

To assess which paragraphs are best and worst, I do the following things: Google Translate and Microsoft Excel both have read-out-loud options. For Google Translate, simply search for ‘Google Translate’ on your internet search engine (or just click here) to access it.

Then, copy and paste the text into the translate box and press the ‘listen’ button: For Microsoft Excel, you will need paste the whole essay into any cell and then activate the read out loud option.


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