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Let us not forget that the teacher’s role in the success of any remedial learning is crucial just as it is in any other kind of instruction.

I often use the analogy of the person who wants to lose/gain weight in the gym.

There is only so much attention a student can invest in the remedial learning process.

Select only a few errors (3 to 5) at a time using the following criteria Do not address, in individual feedback, errors that are common to most of the class, as they can be the focus of a series of remedial lessons for the class as a whole 2.

Another ingenious way of involving the students in the corrective process is to ask the students to step in before the essay is even completed and the feedback given. By asking them to annotate on margin whilst writing the essay any doubt they may have about the deployment of a grammar structure or lexical item. – an effective writing-proficiency and metacognition enhancer’). Provide extensive practice Many interventionist studies which involved editing instruction have failed whilst others have succeeded in enhancing grammar and/or lexical accuracy based on their duration and intensity.

I use this technique a lot and it pays great dividends. As already hinted above, learners need extensive practice to eradicate the target errors. Because in learners’ Interlanguage system the wrong and correct representations of a grammar rule that has not been fully or correctly learnt coexist and often have equal weight (or, when the wrong form is fossilized, will have greater weight).The knowledge I gained from that process was crucial to the success of my error treatment experiment.3.‘Make it personal’ In my opinion, like any other type of instruction, error correction is greatly enhanced by making it as personal as possible a process, especially when we are dealing with weaker and/or less confident learners.S/he will have to remind, prod, encourage, push the learner to keep working on the target mistakes.It goes without saying that like every personal trainer the corrector must be inspiring and empathetic both emotionally and cognitively with the correctee. Ensure there is a serious and sustained cognitive investment on the learner’s part Several studies including mine have identified lack of student cognitive/personal investment in the error treatment as a major determinant of the failure of corrective interventions.Errors can be caused by either (a) a declarative knowledge failure (the learner does not know the rule) or (b) a Procedural knowledge failure (the learner does know the rule and can self-correct, but did not apply it correctly or forgot to apply it in a given context because of processing inefficiency issues – e.g. It is important to identify the correct source of error before dismissing it as a ‘careless’ mistakes.There is usually more to an error than meets the eye.Feedback-handling activities that students may be asked to perform on receiving feedback include: explaining the teacher correction; hypothesizing why the mistakes was made; describing what the rule that was broken is; producing student-generated examples of that rule across various contexts; produce a mini-lesson to deliver to a group of peers,ect.).In my study, all of my informants reported drawing great benefits from such activities as they enhanced their self-knowledge as to the mistakes they were more likely to make to a point that they reported looking for those mistakes without much thinking before handing in their written pieces.If you look at the rates of people who carry on training after the first three-four sessions, those with a personal trainer/life coach are less likely to drop out by a whopping 50 %! Because a lot of us need encouragement, reminders, praise and, sometimes, a good telling-off…When embarking on the remediation process, the teacher needs to take on a role alike the one of a ‘personal trainer’ since, as I shall explain below, errors are not eradicated in one go, it may take months or in certain cases, when an error is fossilized, even years.


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