Composing With Confidence Writing Effective Paragraphs And Essays

Composing With Confidence Writing Effective Paragraphs And Essays-41
Be sure your thesis statement contains a point of view that can be supported with evidence. For any claim you make in your thesis, you must be able to provide reasons and examples for your opinion.You can rely on personal observations in order to do this, or you can consult outside sources to demonstrate that what you assert is valid.

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A thesis is one sentence long and appears toward the end of your introduction.

It is specific and focuses on one to three points of a single idea—points that are able to be demonstrated in the body.

When the story was over, you probably had many questions.

Just as a personal anecdote can be a disorganized mess, an essay can fall into the same trap of being out of order and confusing.

Maybe he told the end of the story first, then moved to the beginning and later added details to the middle.

His ideas were probably scattered, and the story did not flow very well.Phrases such as actually weaken the readers’ sense of your confidence because these phrases imply that you are the only person who feels the way you do.In other words, your stance has insufficient backing.A strong thesis statement contains the following qualities. A thesis statement must concentrate on a specific area of a general topic.As you may recall, the creation of a thesis statement begins when you choose a broad subject and then narrow down its parts until you pinpoint a specific aspect of that topic.It tells the reader the point you want to make in your essay, while the essay itself supports that point.It is like a signpost that signals the essay’s destination.This idea stems from a topic you have chosen or been assigned or from a question your teacher has asked.It is not enough merely to discuss a general topic or simply answer a question with a yes or no.For example, health care is a broad topic, but a proper thesis statement would focus on a specific area of that topic, such as options for individuals without health care coverage. A strong thesis statement must be precise enough to allow for a coherent argument and to remain focused on the topic.If the specific topic is options for individuals without health care coverage, then your precise thesis statement must make an exact claim about it, such as that limited options exist for those who are uninsured by their employers.


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