Comparative Literature The Early Years An Anthology Of Essays

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This article examines the cultural diversity and aesthetic motivations underlying two very different adaptations of his novel , with particular attention to the concluding scenes.Both Akira Kurosawa and Vladimir Bortko follow the novelist's lead by hinting at some form of hope and future redemption amidst the tragedy but, for different ... Unlike Zamyatin’s and Platonov’s anti-Soviet satires, post-Soviet dystopias do not respond to any utopian narrative, but project the historical and ideological reality of Russia’s violent (predominantly Soviet) past into the future.Dylan’s mythic adaptations are also informed by the syncretic work of T. Few periods have witnessed so strong a cultural fixation on apocalyptic calamity as the present.

The division of Kurds among the countries of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria after World War I resulted in a fragmented identity and affected the development of the Kurdish language and literature.

Consequently, in their novels Kurdish writers focus on questions of identity, such as “who you are” and “where you come from.” My research discusses the novels of two Kurdish authors—Kae Bahar’s In his article “Overlappinig Scriptworlds: Chinese Literature as a Global Assemblage,” Wai-Chew Sim offers a globalist vision or understanding of Chinese literary studies/Sinophone studies.

I employed several scholarships of feminism such as Marxist and postcolonial feminism to examine the discourse on working-class women.

The initial assumption of this study is that there is a noticeable invisibility of domestic workers in Arabic novels.

The hero resembles Dylan but is augmented by the experiences of mythic figures like Orpheus and Odysseus. Purves posits that Chekhov's depiction of the experience of marriage raises important ontological questions about the core features of family life such as what it means to be a husband, what it means to be a wife, and the degree of relatedness between them.

The singer encounters bizarre figures and wanders in exile through the “Lowlands” searching for the goddess—a figure inspired by Sara Dylan, but also a composite of the White Goddess, Persephone, Eurydice, and others. Chekhov elaborates on what he sees as matrimony's central antinomy, namely that the wedding of one individual to another produces loneliness, an absence of intimacy, and a kind of alienation so acute ...

Taking seriously Edward Said’s claim that Orientalism is a “style of having power,” Fieni works historically through the aesthetic and ideological effects of Orientalist style, showing how it is at once comparative, descriptive ...

L'article envisage les conditions de possibilité d'une méthodologie propre à l'espace littéraire et artistique du Sud, à partir du cas particulier de la Caraïbe et de la double perspective du langage et de l'espace déjà élaborée dans la langue de Caliban.

Imagining Afghanistan examines how Afghanistan has been imagined in literary and visual texts that were published after the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent U.

S.-led invasion—the era that propelled Afghanistan into the center of global media visibility.


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