Community Work Courses

A study of the cultural differences and similarities of diverse populations with emphasis on the dynamics and consequences of discrimination, and social and economic injustice.

Issues relevant to ethical social work practice will be explored.

Students in this course will develop the knowledge, skills and practice behaviors needed to engage in social work practice with individuals and families impacted by mental illness and substance use/abuse/dependence.

This course focuses strongly on core social work competencies and hands-on techniques for successful practice with these populations from a strengths-based perspective.

A study of basic criteria for analysis and formulation of social welfare policies and their implications for diverse populations.

A study of the life span of the individual from infancy to young adulthood from a systems perspective with emphasis on interactions with families, groups, organizations and communities.Designed to provide concentrated study in specific and emerging trends, policies, and social issues as they affect the human experience.Open to senior majors on approval of the department head.The course will combine lecture with hands-on application in a computer lab using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences).Basic knowledge, values and skills that conceptualize the core of social work practice.A two hour seminar is held weekly to evaluate the integration of the student’s classroom learning with field practice experiences. Student professional liability insurance is available for student members of the national association of social workers and is a requirement for field instruction.Continuation of social work 432 involving an additional 250 hours of field instruction in a human service agency. Topic selection according to student interest and need.Home Faculty and Staff BSW Degree Requirements BSW Four Year Plan Social Work Courses Curriculum Checksheet Textbook Requirements Handbooks and Manuals Matriculation Student Excellence Student Engagement CSWE Accreditation Professional Links Career Opportunities Child Welfare Certificate This course is designed to introduce students to Service Learning through the integration of academic learning about local, national, and global issues with service work addressing those concerns.Students will be required to volunteer 30 hours in a social service agency in the community.Areas explored include understanding the dynamics of child maltreatment from the perspective of both the child/adolescent and the parent/other adult perpetrator, effective practice interventions to ensure family preservation and promote family reunification, and legal statutes (federal and state) which are the basis for family and child welfare policies.This course introduces students to the social worker's role in a variety of services, and long term care with a mix of inpatient, outpatient, clinic and home services.


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