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I have now deleted the CBC Radio app from my phone and rarely ever turn my car radio on. Now it is an hour of infotainment and music, which is not what I’m looking for. I used to recommend CBC Radio to anyone who would listen – no more. From Bob Calhoun, Summerland, BC: I hope the majority of CBC Radio summer programs will soon disappear – forever, never to be resurrected. My trust in CBC Radio and in all mainstream media gradually diminished in recent years. After listening to the Sunday Edition, I called CBC Vancouver and CBC Toronto asking for an explanation. Why would CBC use David Frum as an expert without researching this matter?

I realize that much of the programming gets rehashed during the summer, but I’m not sure why. Some of your newer programming is downright snooze-inducing. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I still listen at all. Given the rambling and shallow nature of most current CBC Radio programming, in another three months, you will have lost me, as well. CBC should not be giving people their 15 minutes of fame for talking about their personal problems. Please junk all this stuff and bring back radio worth listening to. Programs I'd toss in the junk bin: Love Me, Out in the Open, Sleepover, Seat at the Table, and a bunch of others that I did not take the time to learn their names. Working as a Landman in Alberta, buying rights-of-way for oil, gas, and for irrigation development, I spent many hours driving over the province listening to CBC Radio. For a while I donated to "Friends of Canadian Broadcasting" hoping for a return to the CBC I once enjoyed. Unhappy with the form letter I got from CBC I wrote the CBC Ombudsman without satisfaction.

It generally stays on as the background of my life whenever I am at home or in the car.

I love Metro Morning, q and Here And Now (though the latter are getting a little too "talking-over each other").

From Eli Denham: I just wanted to reach out and say that this expressed my frustration with the change in CBC programming as well. Barbara Frum, Alan Maitland, Don Harron, Judy La Marche, Peter Gzowski, Max Ferguson etc. Can CBC Radio return to being a real news organization? But I find many of the documentaries and podcasts unlistenable.

I love the CBC and think of it as a corner stone of our lovely country. I grew up on the CBC, and got more out of it than my three degrees. From Michèle Mc Manus, White Rock, BC Please, please get back on track with Radio 1. (If that is a word.) I am not sure how to phrase this question but: do doc/podcast makers have a stock footage of sounds, the way papers have stock photos? If it is true that CBC radio is running these endless-talking-about-life-experience shows as a strategy to gain audience share, and NOT because there is no money for more intellectually stimulating programs, please re-think your strategy. I listened to Seat at the Table last week and that was enough for me.

Unhappily and unbelievably, I find myself increasingly changing the station over to commercial music radio. (She did a great job on the issues arising from Black Lives Matter and White Privilege).

On CBC there is too much a) repeated, b) sad-sack story-telling, and c) unfunny "comedy". Sook-yin's Sleepover tries to be an advice-giving show, but it is voyeuristic, and do we really want advice given by a bunch of amateurs, the host included?

I no longer listen to CBC radio at all during the week.

I embrace Saturday morning's The House and Day Six with desperate relief.


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