Case Study Law And Ethics

Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy and Center for Human Values have created four anonymized case studies to promote the discussion of ethics.The first of these studies, Automated Healthcare App, discusses a smartphone app designed to help adult onset diabetes patients.

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Jean agreed that the experience was unpleasant, but that was the price to pay for working in an intense, industry-leading team.

Q Industries is an international defense contractor specializing in autonomous vehicles.

A new hire with the interactive technologies team, Diane became the target of team leader Max’s tirades when she committed a code update that introduced a timing glitch in a prototype shortly before a live demo.

Diane approached the team’s manager, Jean, about Max’s abusive behavior.

After being approved by multiple countries’ medical device regulation agencies, Corazón quickly gained market share based on the ease of use of the app and the company’s vocal commitment to securing patients’ information.

Corazón also worked with several charities to provide free or reduced access to patients living below the poverty line.

It raises issues like paternalism, consent, and even language choices.

Is it OK to “nudge” patients toward more healthy behaviors?

In all cases, the computing professional should defer to the public good as the paramount consideration.

The analyses in the following cases highlight the intended interpretations of members of the 2018 Code task force, and should help guide computing professionals in how to apply the Code to various situations.


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