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According to peopleforbikes: Anything that’s healthy, popular, good for the environment and heavily promoted by the government is a pretty good business bet.In addition to pedal-only powered bikes, E-bikes have become very popular.You'll have a chance to generate a healthy income, be your own boss and make all the decisions.

It has been estimated that 40% of current tradespeople will be retiring in the next decade, creating a huge demand for talented workers in trades such as: Software engineers and developers create, test and maintain software on a variety of platforms, from mainframes to mobile devices. The nature of the software development industry makes it ideal for contract employment.

Many software engineers start out as salaried employees and eventually become self-employed contractors. Customers select recipes online and meal kits with pre-chopped and measured ingredients are delivered to their homes on the chosen date/time, along with instructions for cooking and/or final preparation.

Ask almost anyone who needs repairs or renovations done on their home (or business) - remodeling contractors are hard to find and the good ones are always busy.

Home renovation is one business that always seems to do well, even in uncertain economic times.

E-bikes can be pedaled without electric power or use electric power to assist, and sales are expected to rise to over 40 million units by 2023. Unfortunately, although they are expected to live longer lives than previous generations, it's also expected that they'll spend more years in sickness, according to a report on senior’s health by the not-for-profit United Health Foundation.

Regular pedal bikes can be converted to E-bikes with a kit that allows replacement of the front or back wheel hub with one containing a small electric motor and adding a battery and cabling. Fortunately, baby boomers are a wealthy demographic compared to previous generations.Opportunities may also be available for delivery service providers to collect ingredients from producers and/or deliver the end product to customers homes.Virtual reality computing (VR) is a huge leap forward in immersing the user in a realistic sensory experience.Hardware and software vendors are working furiously to bring new VR products to the marketplace and the industry is growing at a parabolic rate - according to statista by 2020 the worldwide size of the VR market will be in excess of billion.The potential uses of virtual reality for business or pleasure are practically limitless.If cycling is your passion and you want to become an entrepreneur, this may be the perfect business opportunity for you. The entire baby boomer generation will have will have reached age 65 by 2030. For the most part, they can afford to pay for the services necessary to maintain their lifestyles.Senior care services continue to rank as one of the best business opportunities. This includes continuing to live at home in their own communities.Building something from the ground up can make starting a business very rewarding in itself.Here are our picks for the best small business ideas based on current trends in business and demographics, in no particular order.For example: VR "escape rooms" and lounges (where groups of people get together to play VR games or go on VR adventures and/or solve group puzzles) are experiencing phenomenal growth.If you are tech savvy and interested in the technology, virtual reality could be the business opportunity for you.


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