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The formation of the antitrust laws in the US made so many governmental agencies to be created to ensure that they oversee the corporate behaviors and the way business is conducted in the country.These agencies were formed to ensure that they follow the way the law is undertaken in the country.

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In this case, we will look at the law that regulates businesses in United State of America.They had build up trust in their customers by forming different organization to ensure that they disguise people and ensure that they monopolize the market keeping the price of their services high.This ensured that they limited supply hence resulting into high price of the products in the market.According to Earl (1978) the antitrust laws are meant to deal with some four serious vices, which include: The avoidance of entry to agreements, which hamper free and fair competition and lead to eventual unsuccessful business.Regulation of monopolies or bigger and dominant companies from preventing small-scale companies being competitive.This law in most of the country came amid big blow that it caused to big business that had formed their bases in monopoly.In a country like United State, it ensured that the violators received very severe penalties.The laws that affect business occupations according to Alexander et al.(2011) are occupational qualifications, diversity laws, employee's health and safety.An example of a company that has been in investigation under these agencies is Microsoft Company.SEC agency has also the ability of forming other regulations to ensure that they regulate any emergence of undue commercial behavior that may be illegal.


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