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Sometimes Dixie wonders why humans tend to overcomplicate their lives.

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There are quite a few types of business correspondence in the contemporary office. Types of Business Correspondence You Need to Learn Rules for (at least somewhat) and 2.

Other Types of Business Correspondence The thing is, some of the business correspondence types are much more important to know/learn when your work in the office than the others. And using Dixie’s site can help tremendously, even if she says so herself.

But it is probably even more important than business letters nowadays though it does not substitute them, and probably won’'t for quite some time.

How could we have lived and even conducted business without email?!

Dixie loves the topic of business correspondence, there'’s no doubt about it.

But it doesn’'t prevent her from admitting that a lot of things about it are controversial or confusing.But so are a lot of different business documents and forms. In such cases Dixie would say that a merge of business correspondence with business documents occurs, and such reports can be treated as a piece of business correspondence.But in general, Dixie would leave resumes and reports out and she doesn'’t plan to cover them on her site.Even if you know nothing about some types of business correspondence (classified as Other) you can be a very good professional, with very few exceptions. If you are not familiar with the types of business correspondence that have certain rules and don't know how to write them, your career is in trouble. So without further ado Dixie invites you to proceed to Class One types of business correspondence which she will call major for the sake of shortening the long name.Scroll down to the Other Types of Business Correspondence if that’s what you’re interested in.So, most of us would say that faxes have been a part of business environment for about 30 years.Consequently, there are not very many rules established for writing faxes.Every business uses lots of business memos, and a lot of them nowadays are sent by email which makes them even more ubiquitous.Dixie finds it interesting that business faxes have been around even longer than memos, but for a long time very few people had had access to fax machines.Though a lot of the rules can be adjusted to your needs, you need to be familiar with them before you can start "bending" them.There are much fewer rules for writing business memos than business letters, and Dixie loves memos for it.


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