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Not every book will require a bibliography, so be sure to use your best judgement in deciding if your book needs one or not.

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Some people may even go so far as to organize the bibliography based on the chapters, sections, and specific parts of the book. No matter how you choose to format it, the pages should be orderly and neat, and there should be a clear and discernable rule of organization.

For each book, article, or excerpt used, be sure to list the title(s), subtitle, author, publisher or website, the year, and page number(s).

An announcement of his plan to send occasional translations to the Columbia Jurist to make the Year Books more accessible to lawyers and historians. Description: An historical overview of case reporting, starting with a discussion of the Year Books. Description: The evolution of equitable doctrine through chancery in the fifteenth century and the law of equity’s opposition to the common law.

Description: An article exploring the origins of modern contract doctrine in the action of debt, covenant and assumpsit. Henry Budd Reports and Some Reporters, American Law Review, vol. The article often emphasizes the personalities of the reporters themselves through the details they reported. Turner’s speculations concerning Plowden’s tale of the four official reporters paid by the King. Year Book cases are cited and discussed, and a formerly unpublished petition is reproduced in its entirety.

The back matter is the perfect place for the bibliography, because that’s where a lot of the technical information of the book falls.

It makes logical sense that the pages listing resources used in the book would fall The different back matter sections are all supplementary, and most of them provide additional information and materials that the reader can explore, if so desired.

The bibliography will be supplemented and extended in due course. He also discusses Elizabethan statutes and charitable gifts of personal property.

D[wight] Description: A lengthy series of articles tracing the history of the enforcement of charitable gifts.

There are different formats, such as MLA, APA, and Chicago style.

For more on how to create citations, read this helpful page.


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