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Will G Hopkins wrote this article that goes into detail on scientific writing, addressing points such as punctuation, abbreviations and acronyms, use of words, and grammar.The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona offers a free booklet as PDF download.

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If you can’t be bothered with reading that much, try the following reference site.

The article at Infoplease divides the process of writing a research paper into nine single steps.

Each chapter contains further steps with straightforward instructions and clear examples.

A wiki style menu makes it easy to jump back and forth between chapters.

The theoretic advice in these guides is invaluable.

But how do you motivate yourself to actually sit down and start writing? Tina has been writing about consumer technology for over a decade.In respect to formatting their work, students are relatively free.There may be guidelines, but they are hardly as specific or strict as those of professional journals or publishers.To write a successful research paper, you should provide thorough information and tie it together into a conclusive story.While obtaining conclusive information tends to be rather difficult in itself, writing a convincing manuscript appears to be an even bigger hurdle. It seems that many authors don’t realize that a good research manuscript requires more than consistent and complete data.What you need to do is break up the project in small, managable steps.For a research paper that would be to decide on a topic, do your research, scan the material, formulate your thesis statement, write the paper, and finally format and proofread the manuscript.However, some of the advanced links, for example the Guidelines on Style, could answer further questions.With all of its additional article, for example on citing sources, the above site is packed with information.Many pages of the guide are available in PDF format.Look for the respective link at the top of each chapter page.


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