Bboy Thesis Vs

Although, if a b-boy is similar to another, they should have similar rating ratios and charts.For instance, Pocket, who has physically mind-boggling moves like Tata does, should have a similarly high Body to Mind/Soul ratio.

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Its inspiration comes from a workshop I took a few years ago, by Niek from The Ruggeds.

He mentioned that Mind, Body, and Soul are necessary components of breaking that can be practiced separately.

A video of each dancer is also included for context.

Hope these examples clarified the system, or at least gave you some new ideas.

The Mind-Body-Soul system aims to rate the degree at which a b-boy/b-girl’s choices and techniques emphasize certain aspects of the dance.

These aspects, Mind, Body, and Soul, are of equal importance.

One of the classic dichotomies in breaking is that of “power vs. styleheads.” Every aspiring breaker that considers this debate eventually realizes that the categorization is faulty.

Power and style, as concepts, are not restricted to specific techniques, and are certainly not mutually exclusive.

Each contains a multitude of sub-aspects that are positive traits in breaking.

Ratings range from 1–10 for each of the three categories, although the individual numbers aren’t as significant as the ratios between them. It’s meant to quickly introduce a b-boy/b-girl, and to compare their traits with those of others.


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