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The mode for this file is 660, and the group is "dialout".To usefully run any of these programs, therefore, the user should be in this group: Having done all of this, I'll probably leave it alone.

I see that ptoke is still using the 1.16 version of the - perhaps someone would update it to use 1.23.

I don't have time to improve these programs, but perhaps someone else will.

This is a motif-based plain text editor, and a PBASIC syntax highlighter for it is supplied.

Running it reminded me of my work programming in the mid-1990s...

See the article for the relevant installs on other Linux distributions.

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The README in stampbc_124 discusses the possibility of running the system as an IDE under the editor nedit.

Presumably because nedit is indeed quite outdated, no reference to it is made in version 2.1.

However, it is, remarkably, available in the Ubuntu repos, so it can be installed with When the board is plugged in to a USB port on my machine, it shows up as /dev/tty USB0.

This is a great beginner's embedded electronics kit featuring a surface mount version of the BASIC Stamp 2.

The BS2-IC is mounted on a project platform, which features a 9-pin serial connector, breadboard area, power and reset buttons and more.


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