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Rowland High School (June 1989)major: Social Work/full-time Ministryreligion: Protestant Christianity Favorite Musical Artists: Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, David Crowder Band, Jars of Clay Favorite Genre(s): praise & worship; contemporary Christian Favorite Songs: Old Hymnal’s Favorite Movies: Sound of Music, Grease, Shrek, Forrest Gump, Star Wars (All Six), Star Trek, Superman (All Three), Beautiful Mind.Favorite Actors: Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts Favorite Directors: Ron Howard, Steven Spielberg Favorite Genre(s): historical/cultural drama; romantic comedy and Scifi Movies.The quality I least respect is when adults misunderstand you and yell at you. He’s my best friend because we’ve known each other for our whole lives. Some things we have in common are the same sports, interests, and qualities.

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I also like baseball because it’s fast and action-packed.

I like these sports because they’re fact and you don’t know know what to expect.

My first nursery school was Catalina Methodist Day School. When I was three we moved to Phoenix into an apartment because we were waiting to have our house built.

A year later my sister was born and I got to feed her just a few hours after she was born.

Favorite TV Shows: Alias, Political Channel’s, and Favorite Channels: C-Span, CNN, TNT, Channel 7. Most Addictive Show: Alias Characters you relate to: Batman Favorite Cuisine: Thai, Korean Food, Japanese Food, and American. Favorite Desserts: chocolate chip, Strawberry, and Vanilla ice cream Favorite "Drink": Mc Donald’s Coffee Favorite Junk Food: Chocolate Donut Favorite Sport: swimming/Diving.

Places I love: San Diego, New York, and Boston Places I've been to: San Diego, Yosemite, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff (AZ).

I (Charles) know that I am special and there's no one else out there that's like me... Like my dad, I am introverted and am perfectly happy watching quality movies or using a personal computer during my spare time. For one year before I came to Los Angeles, I lived in Van Nuys, and then moved to Rowland Heights since my high school graduation.

I had a very simple and happy childhood, and my only sibling, my younger Sister, would appear one year later after my own birth.

When i was five, we moved to Peoria, Arizona into our new house. In the middle of first grade we moved to Mahwah, New Jersey.

We rented a house until we found one to buy (about six months later).


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