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Cathy is a bad apple–she does many horrible things in the novel, beginning by killing her parents and setting fire to their property.

Cathy is a bad apple–she does many horrible things in the novel, beginning by killing her parents and setting fire to their property.She becomes a prostitute, is beaten badly by her pimp and gets dumped on Adam and Charles' doorstep.

Adam believes Cal's business is immoral and instead of being happy and proud he is angry and disappointed.

In response to his jealousy Caleb tells Aron the truth about their mother, taking him to the brothel as proof.

John Steinbeck's novel ~'East of Eden~' is an American classic with an easy-going cadence despite its heavy storyline.

The intricate plot and cast of characters can sometimes be confusing, but this lesson will lay things on the line so you can keep them straight.

As the Hamilton children grow and begin lives of their own, Steinbeck introduces Adam Trask, who buys an expensive land plot nearby.

Here, the story flashes back to Adam's childhood in Connecticut, at some points digging as far back as Adam's father, who fought in the Civil War.Cal feels this and decides to give his father some of the money from his business dealings at their Thanksgiving meal, when Aron will be home.Adam dotes on Aron and when Cal tries to give his father the money it backfires.Aron screams, flees, and joins the army in despair.Cathy is so overwhelmed by seeing her son run away in fear and disappointment she overdoses and dies.Innocent Adam falls in love with her, completely unaware of her past or true nature.Charles is a little more skeptical and keeps his distance.Adam figures out where she is and goes to the brothel to give her the money.Despite his kindness she is hateful and cruel, which helps Adam see her true nature (FINALLY! Meanwhile, Aron and Cal are growing up and meet a nice girl, Abra,from a wealthy local family. Samuel Hamilton dies, inspiring Adam to start a business that eventually fails.Lee and Adam have many discussions about the true meaning of the story.Lee, a Cantonese immigrant, believes the Hebrew word 'timshel' means 'thou mayest'; to Lee this means humans are neither good nor evil in their wants or desires, just flawed beings, given the power to choose their own destinies. Caleb and Aaron Charles, Adam's brother in Connecticut, dies and leaves his part of the fortune to Cathy.


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