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His images of comets and asteroids have graced the NASA home pages on multiple occasions.His comet and general imaging work has won awards and been featured by the like of National Geographic, The Times of London, Universe Today,, Financial Times and Discovery Channel Science as well as multiple books and peer reviewed journals.

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When he was 13, a neighbour brought home a small and basic (by modern standards) refractor and showed the rings of Saturn, his first look through a telescope. Education, work and family commitments put paid to any more than armchair astronomy until he bought his first telescope 6” TAL2 in 1992. Mirror grinding (he is glad telescopes are now cheap enough to buy!

), Eclipse chasing – 6 for 6 seen so far that lead to a regular slot on local BBC radio, and 14 years of weekly broadcasts followed.

He is buried next Isaac Newton, and Darwin buried alongside him in Westminster Abbey.

Andy Burns Astronomy CV: Setting up the Griffon Observatory in Spain with the late Dr John Griffiths In Tahiti for the 2012 Transit of Venus… After being bought the book ‘Astronomy’ by Patrick Moore in 1961, when he was around 8, astronomy was something that always fascinating.

A STEM ambassador in the UK, he has appeared on both BBC television and radio and he regularly features as the official astronomer for the BBC in the South West of England.

He is also the tour leader for astronomy holidays in Africa and a consultant to the GEO Observatory in Andalucia, Spain.PLUS a chance to try out a few in the talk so you can "see for your self".Thursday 3rd March 2016 : Melanie Davies & Mission to Mars: Fiction vs Reality Mars has been the focus of over 50 missions during the last 55 years – some successful, some not so.Within a generation, we’ll see the first real Martians colonising the Red Planet. And will life there be anything like the scenes depicted in Ridley Scott’s new film, The Martian?This informal talk discusses the early mission attempts and failures; data and images from the first flybys; and the incredible scientific discoveries collected over the last decade from ambitious orbiters, landers and rovers. 4th February 2016 Bob Mizon entitled Seven Moons – seven weird and wonderful moons of the Solar System.Mary uses photos throughout the whole talk to show what kind of results can be expected with different equipment.Born and raised in Lancashire, Mary had her head in astronomy books before she could even read and got her first telescope when she was just 11 years old.Then the audience will be asked to select which 2 or 3 of the following topics they want to learn more about.Each description will take about 10 minutes, followed by questions.Both recent transits of Venus covered, the last from Venus point in Tahiti 2012.Andy joined the fledgling Wiltshire AS in 1992, became Vice Chair and is now the society's Chair (since 2006).


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