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An earthquake is a tremor of the earth's surface usually triggered by the release of underground stress along fault lines.

This release causes movement in masses of rock and resulting shock waves.

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The standard device for assessing the degree of earthquakes is Richter scale.

A value of 5 or below is considered moderate, while if the value exceeds 7, it results in massive devastation.We provide quality Earthquake Assignment Help assignment help to you within the time set by you.Earthquake Assignment Help Assignment Help also helps students with Earthquake Assignment Help lesson plans and work sheets.There are two kinds of waves generated during earthquakes.These are categorised into two: This type of earthquake waves move perpendicular to the direction of travel, just as water waves do. Earthquakes are measured by seismologists using observations from seismometers.Scientists measure the strength of tremors on the Richter scale, which assigns magnitude in numbers, like 6.0 or 7.2.A 5.0 tremor is equivalent to a 32-kiloton blast, nearly the explosive power of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in 1945!How can earthquake assignment help put away all your worries?An earthquake assignment is a challenging thing to do, especially without any external help.It is caused by the forceful movement of the tectonic plates of the Earth’s crust.As these plates are always in motion, their edges get stuck due to friction and in overcoming that, enormous amounts of energy get unleashed.


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