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You may also like to consider distributing your assignment brief as a video podcast. Are there any previous examples they could look at?

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Further advice on penalties for exceeding specified assignment length.

The institutional expectations for marking are set out in the procedures for Assessment Grading, Criteria and Marking.

They are based on close analysis of 120 written assignment briefs and focus group discussions with both lecturers and students.

What is of particular value to the individual academic practitioner is the 10 stage step-by-step process offered by the authors.

Details for each assignment task need to be provided to students each time the unit runs (this is often called an 'instance' of the unit).

This information should be included in the unit handbook.This section deals with the importance of how assessment briefs are communicated to students.It emphasises how students need time to both process and engage with the brief: something we may not always pay enough attention to as practitioners. It may seem helpful to produce a lot of detailed guidance, but it can turn out to be confusing, or you may end up with a large number of very similar submissions.Indicate a range of acceptable sizes, or a fixed size if this is more appropriate, to give students an idea of what you expect.Paper submission Do they need to download and append a cover sheet, and put the assignment in a collection box? Ephemeral submission Is it an ephemeral submission such as a presentation, performance, or event, which will take place on a particular date? When and how would such supporting material be submitted? A brief description of what you are expecting needs to be included here.Electronic submission What kind of file is acceptable? In-class tests Provide information about how the test will be organised: how long in advance should students arrive? Some of this can be copied over from the unit specification, but you may need to add here any specific expectations for this particular instance of the assignment.It suggests a very structured approach to designing assignment briefs that clearly communicate purpose and expectations.While the resource may not bring anything new to the table it is very useful in that it provides details of every stage of the development of an assignment brief (see, in particular, the underlying principles of the guidelines for a break down).Programme teams may choose to use similar criteria for particular tasks at the same level across the programme (eg essays, presentations, exams, portfolios), or may use different criteria for each task.Writing criteria which are specific to a particular task enables them to be fully contextualised, which can make them clearer to students.


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