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(405) In the case of a mass casualty, and by the order of the Force Support Squadron commander,who will the casualty assistance representative (CAR) contact?

(405) When a commander determines that a person’s absence is involuntary and there isinsufficient evidence to declare the person deceased, the casualty status is known asa.

(406) The Defense Casualty Information Processing System (DCIPS)-Forward utilizes Microsoft Access for storing casualty information, and is designed to work on all computers as what type ofapplication?

(406) After learning of a casualty, the casualty assistance representative (CAR) must ensure thecasualty message is transmitted or delivered to the base telecommunications center as determinedby AFPC/DPWCS, within how many hours?

(403) All requests under the Air Force memorialization program to name medical facilities mustbe staffed for approval by thea.

Closely track all casualty reports and notifications.d. (404) Who has overall responsibility for the program objectives and for the management andoperation of the Air Force Casualty Program? Eliminate delays in providing benefits to the next of kin (NOK).c. (404) Which objective is not a Casualty Services Program objective? Provide casualty representative reports of casualties to ensure timely notification.b. (406) If there is reportable information available on the casualty report that would be of interest tofamily members or of value to the addresses of the report, do not label any itema. (406) Who must obtain conclusive evidence before reporting the death of an individual? Apps and Books server tokens are valid for one calendar year after initial download.Before the year is up, you need to go to the Account Summary section on the Apps and Books Store to obtain a new token.When you purchase content for your school or business in Apps and Books, you can distribute your purchases directly to your users in one of three ways: User Assignment,* Device Assignment,* or Redemption codes.†† While in-app purchases aren't supported as standalone content that can be bought and distributed with Apps and Books, end users can make and restore in-app purchases from within Apps and Books-assigned apps, as long as those apps aren't device-assigned. religion, age, home address, date of birth, and gender.b. (404) Once the casualty assistance representative (CAR) notifies the family members ofcasualties, he or she provides the mortuary services officers and the public affairs (PA) office themember’sa.


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