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Let's say that we have code that just allocated space in memory for 20 integers: from it.It is our only way to access all the long integers in the allocated space and we must be careful to work with the pointer so it accurately points to the elements we need.

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As you might think, pointer arithmetic uses operators to increment or decrement addresses.

However, to increment a pointer means to add enough to its value to move to the next element of the data type to which it points.

Knowing the address does not help us work with the pointer or what it points to.

Once a pointer has an address of a variable name, we can use it to work with the variable it references.

We will discuss how memory can be dynamically allocated and manipulated using pointers.

And we will see that arrays and pointer are very closely connected.We have defined arrays as a collection of elements of the same type, organized in sequence so that we can reference them with an integer index.We have also described memory allocation as a way to create a collection of elements of the same type, placed sequentially in memory.Since this space is contiguous, that is, created from sequential memory locations, we have essentially created an array of 5 integers.We will examine this further, but we need to first figure out how to access each integer in this space by doing arithmetic on pointers. When a pointer is declared, the data type it points to is recorded.As with other variables, if we try to assign values from incompatible types, errors will result.We have said that a pointer contains an address into memory.We know variables in C are abstractions of memory, holding a value.That value is , defined by a data type definition in the variable declaration. A pointer is a variable whose value is an address, typed by its declaration. That fact might seem intuitive for other data types, but it's hard to remember for pointers.This memory space does not even need a name associated with it.You create space in memory using the In this allocation, we have created a space that is big enough to store 5 integers.


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