Artemis Greek Goddess Essay

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Most families stick together; if as a child you saw someone picking on your little sister on the playground, chances are you went over and diffused the situation.

Parents, likewise, are often very protective of their children.

Artemis was an important and revered deity in the ancient world.

The temple built in her name, at Ephesus in Asia Minor, was so grand it became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

She was the patron and protector of young girls, and was believed to bring disease upon women and relieve them of it.

Artemis was worshipped as one of the primary goddesses of childbirth and midwifery along with Eileithyia.

Indeed, festivals to Artemis were held in Greek cities such as Sparta, and Brauron's largest festival of the year also honored the goddess.

Practically speaking, Artemis was the ancient goddess of the forests and the hunt, in addition to being the patron goddess of women, childbirth, female children, and chastity.

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