Argumentative Essay On Studying Abroad

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However,everything has its advantages and disadvantages,so studying abroad is not an exeptation.

Introduction Outline: Studying abroad not only can benefit for International students, but also have much positive effect on the countries which admit these overseas students to the universities. A chance to have the further high quality education, and absorb new and advanced knowledge. (To feel the intercultural different between motherland and the country where they are studying.) ..more.

However, the opposite opinions state, according to Baffle (1991), " students compete for accommodation, making it difficult for home students to find places to live." But it will be ignored much easily, if we compare this negative effect with the huge benefits for local students.

For instance, home students can learn the rich knowledge and creative ideas from their overseas classmates, which will enrich their experience of life and help them to understand the world.

Therefore, If you have a chance i think you should take that chance to study abroad.

When people's standard of living increase,they often think about improving their knowledge for a better life.

Colleges and universities around the world have been rapidly expanding their study abroad programs, which means it’s only a matter of time before you’re inundated with study abroad posters and information sessions on your campus.

While studying abroad has become a virtual rite of passage in the university system, it’s natural to feel some hesitation.

We should encourage young people to study abroad because of these two aspects of benefit. This will help them to have advantages for the competition in job markets b. Middle Its benefits have been shown more and more clearly, with the increasing number of international students going abroad.

Enrich the life experience of the students, and broaden their vision to view the world.


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