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You may have one or two days or one to two weeks to accept the match before the assignment expires.Check your email often during the season and act on assignments right away. If you choose to decline the matches, let your assigner know why.If your league uses Arbiter to assign referees, umpires, or officials to your games, enter your Arbiter Group ID here and check the box to sync your website schedule with Arbiter after you complete the steps below.

Arbiter One is the software used by officiating assigners to contract officials for contests.

Assigners invite officials to join their assigning group.

A school can continue to use another scheduling vendor, but the OHSAA will expect the minimum information to be entered into Arbiter.

All OHSAA licensed officiating assigners and member high schools will contract officials using Arbiter Sports.

For questions concerning how the Arbiter Sports software works or for technical support of the Arbiter Sports products, please contact Arbiter Sports by contacting the Arbiter Sports help desk at Arbiter Sports is the leading software for the contracting of contest officials.

Arbiter Sports has several software programs designed for officiating assigners, schools, and officials to automate the contracting of opponents and officials.

Once the official accepts this electronic invitation, the official can be assigned to contests.

Officials must accept group invitations from assigners in order to receive officiating assignments.

This ID can be found in the upper right corner of the website when you log in to your Arbiter account.

is the easiest and most reliable way to pay sports officials, allowing leagues or athletic departments to electronically pay officials.


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