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On the other hand, the death symbolizes his failure because he cannot cope with the changes. The cultural differences between the Africans and the Whites in the novel present a lot of problems between the two cultures.

The novel tells the story of the arrival of the whites through the story of Okonkwo, one of the elders of the Umofia clan who because of his inability to accept the changing times and the coming of the white man......

Okonkwo came from an African tribe that possessed a fierce sense of pride in their culture and history.

In “The Igbo People – Origins and History,” Slattery (1999) explored the history of the Igbo.

Men and women had different roles in the community; men were responsible for growing yams as it was the most important crop in the community while women grew the less important crops like cocoa- yams, beans, cassava e.t.c.

The setting also enables us to follow and understand the Igbo way of life.

The novel addresses the crisis of African cultural collapse during the colonial rule.

It concerns the traditional Igbo life prior to the advent of the missionaries and colonial government and the reaction of the Igbo people to the new order imposed by the missionaries and the colonial government.

Lead protagonist was a well-known wrestler or fighter in one of the fictional villages in Nigeria.

It is a social fact especially in African countries and its villages that it is a male-dominated civilization.


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