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Remember there are 100 questions total and they do not necessarily get harder as you go on.

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Check out this post for the best AP Psychology review books. Identifying these cues will allow you to ensure you are addressing every part of the question at hand. Bucket the course: What we mean is you should outline the AP Psychology course during your review sessions.

Break down the important themes in the course and familiarize yourself with mentally cueing these “buckets” whenever you read an AP Psychology question.

You will become more aware of whether or not your responses are answering every part of the question being asked. Write in complete sentences: I recommend answering your FRQs in complete sentences with a clear sentence for each part of the question.

From example if the question asks you to define and explain, 4 terms, you would have a sentence defining the term and a sentence or two explaining the term. Don’t make the mistake of assuming what the rest of a question is asking, writing an entire response, and then realizing you’ve failed to answer the question.

This helps you in two ways: it makes you logically think about what are feasible answer solutions and it makes reviewing your test at the very end more efficient. Practice progressively: Cramming for the AP Psychology exam the night before is not an effective method to prepare for the test.

Make sure to begin your review several weeks before the exam. During the free response, always remember to apply the term back to the situation given. You can label certain topic areas to your own liking i.e.Area 1: History & Approaches, Area 2: Research Methods, etc.Keep your eye on the time and make sure you don’t spend too much time on one essay over another. It is better to put your best foot forward and to try earning as many points as you can than to feel self-defeated and simply not write because you do not know a particular part of the question. Use the proper terminology: When you can recall it, use the appropriate psychological term when responding to the FRQs. If you survey the sample responses released by the College Board, you will see that many poorly scored responses are ones that lack specificity. Print out a copy of the AP Psychology FRQ rubric and learn it by heart.Give examples and show that you truly understand what the question is asking. Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication: We get it. However, students who are able to write simply and elegantly are often the best writers. Once you internalize it, you will start to think about the test from the eyes of the test creator.If you’re looking for online AP Psychology prep, Albert is your go to place. Underline important clauses: It is easy to overlook a small but important part of an FRQ question. Underline or circle important phrases in the prompt. Identify the verbs: Look for these cues to as mental reminders of what to include in your response.Combining Albert with old school review books is a great option too. Verbs that are frequently on the test include; describe, explain, compare, contrast, evaluate, apply, identify, etc.Make sure to clearly denote when you are transitioning from one term or idea to the next by indenting, skipping a line or having a bullet or word appropriately labeling the new section. When you first open your FRQ packet, read both questions before starting to write. ACT ACT Strategies ACT Study Guides AP "How to Study" Guides AP Art History AP Biology AP Calculus AP Chemistry AP Comparative Government AP Crash Course Study Guides AP English Language AP English Literature AP Environmental Science AP European History AP Free Response Strategies AP French Language AP Human Geography AP Macroeconomics AP Microeconomics AP Multiple Choice Strategies AP Physics 1 & 2 AP Psychology AP Spanish Language AP Spanish Literature AP Statistics AP US Government AP US History AP World History Are AP Exams Hard Biology College Admissions College Essays Differential Equations Econometrics General General AP GMAT GRE Multivariable Calculus Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) One Month AP Study Guides SAT Single Variable Calculus Statistics Ultimate List of AP Tips Learn anything through interactive practice with Then, make a decision on which one you feel more comfortable tackling first. Do not restate the question: With only 25 minutes per free response question, there are better uses to your time than restating the question. Thousands of practice questions in college math and science, Advanced Placement, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, literature, social science, history, and more.Tag team with your friends or classmates to prepare for the test. Create themes for each of the Major Units so as to be well prepared for the two Free Response Questions. Group studying can be highly effective if everyone goes in with an open mind towards learning.


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