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Write the lot number of antiques on which you plan to bid on the back of your bidding card.Beside the number, write the amount you're willing to bid for it, based on what you think you could sell the antique for.

Dealers always write the highest bid they're willing to go on every item on the back of the card.

This is good insurance against getting caught up in what's called "auction fever."You bid by holding up your card.

Have you ever thought about starting your own antiques business in your home? However, it does take some planning and a little bit of business acumen to become successful. It not only provides all the tools and strategies that you'll need to successfully launch and grow your own business, but it also offers estimates of start-up costs, advice on writing ads, where to find inventory, and how to take your new business online.

Worksheets, checklists, and forms will also help you achieve your goal.nless you inherited a three-story house jammed with antiques, you'll have to begin acquiring the inventory for your shop many months before you actually open the doors.

Many auctioneers won't allow you to browse through the items once the auction starts, and if you haven't scrutinized everything carefully beforehand, you can make some big mistakes once the bid-ding begins.

Few auctioneers are really dishonest, and most will point out a flaw if they know of it, but all merchandise at an auction is sold as is. You should walk through the merchandise to be auctioned, taking note of anything you might want to bid on.The card costs nothing, but you can't bid without it.Smart dealers always arrive at an auction at least a half hour before its advertised starting time.Being an auction addict, she asked the store owner how to get to the auction.He told her to go eight miles down the road and then five miles down another road before turning onto a gravel road. Pretty soon, she headed farther and farther into the hills. There were quite a few people milling around looking at the merchandise spread out in front of the beautiful country home, but not many dealers, so she was able to make some excellent buys.Examine those pieces carefully for cracks, chips, missing pieces, or any other flaws.Every item will have a lot number, which auctioneers call out when the piece comes up before them.One method is to tape a piece of paper with your name on it to the seat.The second reason for arriving early is to look over the merchandise.They're the ones who look so serious that you'd think they ere in the middle of a business conference.They enjoy the auctions, but they don't get emotional about them, as do most bidders who aren't dealers.


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